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Shopper praises Kroger for good deeds
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Editor, I read many articles in our local newspaper where constant complaints are expressed.
I would like to say something nice about one of our grocery stores (Kroger).
I have read several articles from time to time about Kroger making donations to charities (both local and elsewhere). Whenever you go through the checkout line, you will usually always see a container where money is being collected for charity or our local schools and youth programs.
On several occasions, I have witnessed our cheerleaders and athletes being given the opportunity to bag groceries to raise money.
It is my opinion, we need to give credit and thanks to Kroger for all of these things and also for hiring those who may have special needs.
These employees are always friendly, courteous, polite and appreciate the chance to serve our community.
Thank you Kroger for all your great service. We are fortunate to have you as a part of our community.

Marlene and Lonnie Creech
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