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Soldiers have right to future outside service
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Editor, Needless to say, I am very upset about the major general’s decision to stop eligible soldiers from leaving the Army when their enlistment expires. Most of these soldiers are already on the stop-loss program and have been deployed to Iraq for the second and/or third time.
The major general should not have the authority to keep anyone from obtaining their discharge nor from transferring to another base. I am aware that the army is shorthanded and needs more soldiers to fill President Bush’s surge of troops plan to Baghdad. However, this is the very reason enlistment is down and soldiers are trying to get out as soon as their enlistment expires. We have lost enough of our children in this senseless war.
The only reason we started this war is due to lies and deceit from the current administration and the only reason we remain in this war is because of pride and arrogance. It’s time we brought our troops home.
The major general’s proposal is not fair to the soldiers and it is not fair to their families. Our soldiers are not just “boots on the ground.” They are families, friends and relatives with a right to a future outside the Army.

Sue Copeland
A soldier's mom
Spain & Gillon, LLC
Birmingham, Ala.
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