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Southeast Collision Center praised
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Editor, I really don't know how to get the word out about a business in Hinesville that really needs to be recognized for doing a fantastic job so I am hoping that you can somehow get the word out.
My son is stationed at Fort Stewart and will be deployed in the next few months.  A while back, he had a front tire blow out on his car that caused him to lose control of the car and hit the median. His car had to be towed back to Fort Stewart.
My husband and I drove down from Ohio a few weeks ago to visit him and to try to fix his car so we could take it home. We only had four days before we needed to return home.
My husband is very handy but after replacing two front wheels and tires, tie rods on both sides and a strut, he realized the car was still out of whack. Out of desperation, we started driving down Highway 84 looking for a body shop that could help us. It was Saturday and all the ones we saw were closed until we saw a gentleman power washing the driveway in front of Southeast Collision Center.  
We stopped and my husband explained the situation. The gentleman said to call first thing in the morning on Monday and they would tow the car in and take a look at it.
To make a long story short, I can't tell you how wonderful they were to us. We were devastated when we found out the frame and control arm were bent and thought we would have to “total” the car. They were able to fix the car in no time for a very, very fair price. Every person we talked to there was so nice and helpful.  I highly recommend this business to anyone. They bent over backwards for us trying to get it done before we headed back to Ohio.
Very few of us will ever need a collision center (hopefully) but if you do, you want one that you can trust. I can say that if you do need this service, you cannot go wrong with Southeast Collision Center.

Karen and Scott Tuttle
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