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Stop making laws and teach people to drive
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I have managed to get one of your newspapers here in Iraq. The cover story was "Texting behind the wheel banned."

From what I understand of the law, texting behind the wheel is illegal anyway. I believe it is called inattentive driving. It is a crime in most states. It seems that most states are riding on the coattails of the inability of people to drive down the road while texting. It is stupid to do, but the current laws we have in the country seem to cover this stupidity.

The sad thing is, the public might think this is a good law but that it doesn’t apply to them. They will still drive like idiots and do stupid things behind the wheel. Too bad the reporter didn’t do a good story about the levels of training in driving. Our country wouldn’t need laws that cover stupidity behind the wheel if we just taught people how to drive better.

Millions of dollars would be saved and so would lives. Instead of spending money on law enforcement of seat belts and this new law, the money would be better spent on behind-the-wheel training.

Training would teach people how to make better decisions behind the wheel. It is proven that more training is the only true key to accident reduction.


— Spc. William Woesner

Richmond Hill

                                                                                                                                                                            (deployed to COB Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq)

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