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Students were afterthought in personnel moves
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Editor, I just wanted to say how the replacement of Dr. Vicki Albritton, the former Bradwell Institute principal, makes me feel. It makes me angry because of the fact that we, as students, were an afterthought in the change. No one stopped to say, “Hey, how will this affect the students?” And that is simply because the Liberty County Board of Education doesn’t care about the students.
Dr. Albritton was a loving woman. She loved her students. When I had a problem, I knew I could talk to her about it. Bradwell’s school motto used to be “Where learning is first, together we can.” Dr. Albritton changed it to “Where learning is first, together we will.”
Every day I went to school, I saw Dr. Albritton with a smile on her face and that smile made me smile. Even if I was having a bad day, all I had to do was look for her and my mood changed.
The new principal is not principal material, if you ask me. All he wants to do is put us out of school for any reason he can think of. When meeting with him on Friday, Sept. 17, he told students that if we are not in dress code, we won’t be able to eat lunch, which is way out of order. He is trying to make the school into a jailhouse for students and it shouldn’t be that way.
I have e-mailed the superintendent about this matter and got no answer, which is sad because it shows she couldn’t care less about the Liberty County schools.

— Antwon Battle
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