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Tax-backed LRMC not responsive
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Editor, When the Liberty County Commission began its hearing for the millage request at 12 p.m. Nov. 12, it had prayer and the pledge of allegiance, which ended “justice for all.” That is justice for all that is in the “hospital coop,” whether elected official or otherwise. To others it is discrimination, and if you are a patient of Dr. Glenn Carter’s, it is double discrimination.
Commission Chairman John McIver will not permit you to discuss Dr. Carter’s situation, even though Liberty County Regional Medical Center would benefit from money his patients would generate.
With coaching from CEO Scott Kroell, a graphic chart was shown and presentation given by CFO Sam Johnson. “We (hospital management) feel the need to prepare for potential growth of the county’s population. We feel that a new hospital may be needed in 20 years. We feel that billboards to be erected will help. We feel that Dr. Tankersley will be an asset. We feel that we have the best doctors.”
“We feel” is used over and over, but what matters to them is getting as many tax dollars as possible to spend as they please.
When the CFO was asked questions, including why so many doctors left LRMC in the past five years, he flipped it off as national and state trends.
I am not interested in state and national trends. I am interested in a hospital that I can use, with the doctor my family has trusted and used for 20 years, one who knows our conditions and who speaks English well enough for us to understand.
The CFO did not mention that patient concerns and needs aren’t considered, even though we are forced to help support the hospital. It is all about what they want, including the Liberty County Hospital Authority and some employees at LRMC.
The CFO did not mention that Memorial Medical Center in Savannah and hospitals in Claxton and Alma do not receive any tax dollars and they provide indigent care, which LRMC uses as a smoke screen, and they try to make us believe this is the reason for needing tax dollars, instead of a lack of sound management, which has earned it low public-relations scores year after year.
Billboards and PR directors will not change anything, except spend more money. A doctor usually treats patients by eliminating their problems.
Commissioners should at least require all members of the LCHA to reimburse from their pockets money the LRMC misses by Dr. Carter’s patients using other hospitals.
My wife has used Wayne Memorial four times in the past 11 months, because after waiting seven hours at LRMC, the ER doctor gave her medication that caused her not to remember leaving the hospital or anything else for eight days. And Dr. Carter was the one that pulled her out of the situation.
LCHA Chairman Jon Long does not want a doctor like Dr. Carter at LRMC, even though he has been chosen doctor of choice more than once, including this year, and his nurse was chosen last year.
To have him reinstated would not include a relocation cost, which the CFO said is a large burden on LRMC. However, it would make hundreds of people happy and improve their low PR. But it would not be an ego boost for those who want to bulldoze their ideas down our throats and not accept advice from the previous review panel and grand juries. If a member of the LCHA does not act the way the chairman wishes, they are booted off as Dick Webb was when he said they may not be treating Dr. Carter fairly.
Kroell has proven for years that management does not have what it takes to operate as some other hospitals do. Yet he mentions opening facilities in the east and west ends of the county. What financial institutions are benefitting from interest on money owed by LRMC and how was this account acquired?
We voters and taxpayers can make a difference in this situation. All commissioners are not for the “coop,” but remember Mayor James Thomas was for a large increase for LRMC before he was sworn in as mayor, and used a radio station in Jesup, urging people to use LRMC in a manner that would help their finances.
Luke 6:28 tells us to pray for the ones that mistreat us. We have plenty of people to pray for because these people are a danger to the community.

David Park
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