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Tax dollars at work?
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Editor, As I ride through Hinesville, I see my tax dollars flying all over the place.
The new “Welcome Center” needs an energy warden. It’s lighted like a Christmas tree all night. Just down the road the abandon hospital site stands at waste. I can’t believe that piece of property can’t get onto the tax rolls.
Just across the road and up Washington Avenue is the education “tax-money hall.” I’m sure those SAT scores will soar now.
But, I think the biggest mistake is the high schools’ football fields fiasco. Neither facility meets the requirements for playoff games. Why did we rebuild one and build a new one, too? Why not one shared stadium for both schools that meets all the league requirements? If the New York Giants and The New York Jets can share a facility I guess our two teams could too. Oh, while we are spending money, let’s throw $3 million into re-paving the Army’s airfield. Wait, don’t close your wallet, and pitch in $14 million for a third courthouse. It goes on, but I’ll stop here for now.
But we can pay for it all. My property taxes only went up 41 percent this year. Couple that with the 1 percent added sales tax and we are home free!
I’m waiting for some tax-cut candidates to appear. They will have my vote — and all my deceased cousins from Long County.

Joseph L. Gillam
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