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Taxpayers should demand better management
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Editor, Page eight of the 2006 annual report to the citizens of Hinesville should be amended to read “What is Hinesville doing to manage stormwater for the select group known as the good-ole boys?”
They manage a so-called historical trail that has a paved sidewalk, sprinkler system, lights, shrubs and flowers, and is maintained daily by OMI.
The homeowners along Maple Drive and Monclair haven’t seen any upkeep, such as grass cutting in more than two years. Our tax money is wasted on a ditch bounded by trash dumpsters and the rear end of a shopping plaza. I wonder who pays the water bill for that blunder.
Again, it’s our tax money. Street sweeping should start around city hall, and county officials who waste tax dollars have the nerve to ask for a taxpayer increase to cover blunders they created.
The quality of life section for all our citizens should be amended to read for the select good ole boys. Hinesville can’t grow and attract people until they clean up their act. Look around citizens. You see empty, boarded up businesses, empty clubs, empty restaurants and a run down carwash that is falling down. People will be reluctant to invest or even think about investing in anything.
How did they earn a title “City of Excellence?”
Taxpayers, step up to the plate and demand better management of our tax dollars. Too often many of us say nothing and tend to have a “let God deal with them” or “their time will come” attitude toward the ungodly. Think about what I have mentioned, and come out to Maple Drive and I will give you a guided tour.

Joe L. Scott
1st Sgt. USA (Retired)
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