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Taxpayers, wake up and smell the injustice
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Editor, If anyone is interested in seeing the irresponsibility and uncaring attitude of the people running Liberty County, just read the news item in Wednesday’s Coastal Courier written by John Deike about “Fall start on Justice Center.”
They are wasting $2.5 million to buy land to construct the justice center and took property off the tax rolls that was paying taxes in order to do it. Then they are paying $1.6 million from property taxes for the old property on Highway 84 where the old hospital once stood — after paying a lot of money to have it razed and carted off. That property would have been a good place for the justice center if another courthouse was really needed.
If this was a commercial company, the board of directors would be sent to an insane asylum for crazy waste of company resources. But nobody seems to be called to take care of the taxpayers’ money and the SPLOST gives the county officials the ability to spend with no regard for the citizens.
I think the waste all over the county (BOE’s Taj Mahal, a welcome center with no people to welcome, etc.) has been criminal. Wake up people. It is your money being wasted.

Harry Rubin
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