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Thank you Liberty for recycling efforts
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Editor, I would like to extend my appreciation to those actively recycling. To read that Liberty County alone has reduced more than 15 tons of hazardous waste ending up in the landfill during the “Recycle It! Fair and the Old Tire Roundup” is astonishing.
My family and I are active recyclers. Several of my neighbors participate in this lifestyle too.
When I visited California, I notice the residents have several different trash receptacles. Some for recycling and the other is for regular trash. I guess because California is so overpopulated and land is scarce, they needed to take necessary actions.
I know those extra recycling receptacles are not free. Hinesville City Hall charges a little over $12 a month for an extra one. I hope we don’t have to take necessary actions like California.  
There are organizations, agencies and businesses that recycle. For example, I take my used oil to the local auto shops for free. Also, there are recycling drop-off points in the city of Hinesville. They are found on Sequoia Circle, Sandy Run Drive, Carter Street and 941 E.G. Miles Parkway. These drop-off points collect newspaper, aluminum, plastic and glass.
Thank you again to those of you doing your part helping our community.

Noel Guillermo
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