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Things that need to be addressed
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I would like to expound on five different subjects that have been on my mind. Mind you, the opinions you will read, are strictly my own.
LeConte-Woodmanston: Several years ago I volunteered many hours at the LeConte site, digging, hauling mulch, pulling weeds, planting plants, pruning and helping to identify established plants. Barbara Frankenthaler and I spent countless hours working on the “Butterfly Garden,” weeding the existing bed, placing black plastic throughout the garden to prohibit weeds, then hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch to cover the entire area. It was beautiful when we got finished.  
Later we heard that a “master gardener” took it upon herself to pull all the black plastic up and completely destroyed all our hard work. Needless to say, I never went back to LeConte. Regarding “master gardeners,” the ones I encountered there didn’t even  know what a lace cap hydrangea was or a “turks cap” or partridge pea.  All of these were growing in the existing garden.  
Sheriff’s appointment:  I think I can pretty much speak for the entire county when I say that when Judge Aspinwall’s appointment of Sheriff Martin’s widow as acting sheriff for the next five months, we all thought she had lost her mind.  I do not know Polly Martin, but I’m sure she is not trained to do a sheriff’s job.  
The person who should have been appointed was Chief Deputy Moran,  a man with 40 years of law enforcement experience. I’m glad  to see he will run for election in November.  Let’s hope that he will be his “own man” and get this county back on its feet as far as people abiding by the law.  
If he would just see to it that all the laws and ordinances in this county are abided by, then Liberty County would definitely be a place that you would want to retire to.
Keep Liberty Beautiful:  When I first bought my old house in Liberty County in 1992, I had the pleasure of working with Carla Goodwin, as director of KLB. Carla eventually moved on and Jennifer Flournoy took her place. Jennifer managed to rid Liberty County of countless junk trailers, cars and eyesores in general. Then came along  Sara Swida. This lady works tirelessly day in and day out to try and rid our county of blight. It would take pages and pages to list all her accomplishments. She has formed a bond with so many people and organizations. She is one of the most respected public servants in this county, and I am proud to say she is my friend.
Ex-Gov. Roy Barnes:  There may be a lot of “behind-the-scene” things that I don’t know about our former governor, but this I do know. In the 1990s while he was governor, he enacted a law that gave all seniors exemption from paying school taxes. It cut our tax bills in half and then some. Then along comes Gov. Purdue, who took it away from us. Remember this when you go to the polls in November.
Coastal Courier:  More than once, I have sent what I think were good suggestions to now-Editor Hollie Barnidge, but so far none
of them have been acted upon.
I suggested that she get rid of the TV guide section, which usually takes up two pages and can only be read with a magnifying glass. I’ve also suggested that all the church news be put in a separate section and that the calendar have the subjects bold-faced so you can tell what is going on quicker. I even sent an example of another calendar. I’ve also asked why the real estate transactions were stopped and have asked that they be resumed.
I felt like all of these were good suggestions.  

— Dot Moss

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