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Tradeport trucks pose dangers
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Editor, This is an east-end update to inform taxpayers that the Liberty County Development Authority and our county commissioners have spent hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars on the Tradeport East Business Center entrance, yet it remains invisible to drivers attempting to locate Target and Tire Rack.
The monuments at the Tradeport East entrance look more like the gateway to a high end cemetery than the main entrance to an industrial park.
When the tractor trailer drivers miss Tradeport and follow inaccurate GPS data, they are routed into the rural residential areas of Sunbury because they are looking for a Sunbury Road address. The drivers become lost on a road that has no place for a tractor trailer to safely turn around, thus putting lives in danger.
Two weeks ago there were two known incidents where the trucks ended up in poor, old Sunbury. One truck turned around by blocking the road, backing into the ditch near Brigantine Dunmore and Screven Street, and damaging an old oak tree. The truck driver notified the sheriff’s department that someone had damaged his truck. The second incident could have been much worse because the truck turned around at 5:30 a.m. by blocking traffic at Catbird Lane and Fort Morris Road.
I reported the ongoing unsafe traffic situations to our county commission Chairman John McIver, Mr. Pat Bowen, my county commissioner, and to Mr. Ron Tolley at the Liberty County Development Authority. No one has responded to me yet.
Perhaps the pickup and delivery addresses for Target and Tire Rack could be changed from Sunbury Road to another road name. Why not Tradeport East Boulevard? Historic Sunbury Road is no longer a thoroughfare due to the location of the industrial park in the middle of the oldest road in Georgia. If the delivery addresses cannot be changed, please make a safe turnaround for the trucks. Please fix the situation now and do not wait until someone dies.

Dianne K. Hilliard

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