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Truth, taxes sacrified to global warming
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Editor, The individuals who started the idea that the Earth is rapidly warming due to the evils of man are the same individuals who were caught fudging and fabricating temperature data for the last 10 years.
Still, the devout followers continue to repeat the holy scripture spawned by these criminal “scientists,” ignoring the indisputable proof of fraud. The true believers have no way to process this information. It is against their religion.
If it were provable in science, the top anthropogenic (man-made) global warming scientists would not have had to fabricate data to cover up that the Earth has been cooling since 1999. If their hypothesis were true, the Earth would be getting warmer every year, but 2010 looks like it could be the coldest year in recorded history.
Since there is no evidence that man causes global climate change, it is therefore purely a matter of faith. Faith is a blind belief in something without physical proof. That describes the “global warmers” mindset. They want to force me, by law, to tithe to their religion.
Our tax dollars overflow the coffers at the church of the ozone lies. I suspected it was a fraud the first time I heard about man-made global warming. At the time, the hoax was used to heavily tax refrigerants. They claimed that halogen based refrigerants were destroying the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere. There was no proof and the ozone layer is still going strong.
If it were not a religion, man-made global warming would have been proven empirically with honestly collected data and detailed procedures that were widely peer-reviewed with consistently repeatable results.
The “cap and trade” bill is not-yet-passed legislation in Congress that would require selected corporations to pay additional taxes (tithes) to the church of global warming. The liberals are attempting to marry another one of their churches to our state. It is unconstitutional. The government isn’t allowed to promote a religion or tax anyone to pay for it.
What if a Christian movement were to elect a Congress that forced all taxpayers to tithe to the Baptist church? And what would be the difference between that and “cap and trade?”
I believe that most of the “scientists” knew it was all a fraud but it was their gravy train so they just went along. Those who still blindly believe, liberal activists and politicians, are delusional, stupid and/or corrupt.

Al Teal
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