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Turn ou the lights, please
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Editor, This week the lights came on in Georgia, and it doesn't seem right. Specifically, about 12 eighty-foot or so light towers were turned on at the I-95 exit 67 interchange at the Liberty-McIntosh county border.
Whatever bureaucrat or pork barrel pusher who enabled this blight on the nightscape should write back to explain why there and why now. The existing cell towers and monument size commercial pole signs were bad enough, but why does this remote interchange need "airport runway" lighting?
Safety? No statistics support.
Future development? What is pending?
The four gas stations, the four related convenience stores, and the McDonald's at the site are seemingly overbuilt. Lights won't raise their collective fortunes.
What, please, is the cost/benefit analysis.
And all that's before we (Liberty County) pay the electric bill to leave the lights on all night for those cars and trucks passing by at 70 mph.
Recently, much has been written about the paucity of funding for transportation infrastructure needs. Also, many express a desire for retaining natural beauty in McIntosh County. So it puzzles me why hundreds of thousands of dollars (my guess) of transportation money were spent to illuminate interstate ramps where the population can't be 500 people in a five mile radius.
This looks like wasted money while building the ugly. If you need to get off a deserted interchange, turn on your high beams. You use your turn signal to get back on.
I am disappointed to have my day vista perforated by new metal posts and the night view of stars significantly reduced by the new light pollution. I would hope anyone interested in skyline views would feel the same. Moreover, there probably won't be 8 to 9 p.m. lights out this upcoming Saturday for global warming concern purposes.
Nonetheless, we all lose doubly when money is spent on eyesores.
What to do? Why not donate the equipment to a deserving football/sports complex. Or send it to the Darien Outlet mall where it might be justified economically. If nothing else, turn the lights off. Drivers on I-95 can still see the other signs. This is one bright idea (sarcastic pun intended) which the people who approve these projects should reconsider. Who leaves a light on in an empty room with current electric prices?

Rob Emerson
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