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Voter calls for action, change in government
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Editor, It’s almost time to go to the polls again and vote.
The city elections will be Nov. 6 and the federal elections will take place in 2008.
I feel it’s time for a real change. For we need a third party, like the socialist democratic party, to get things done in government. The Republicans and Democrats don’t get anything done, and don’t enforce laws to protect the people.
City government can’t get OMI to spray the bugs to protect us from yellow fever, West Nile virus, malaria and other diseases. The city government has failed to put in a city bus line. We have a lot people walking in the heat and thunderstorms. We have businesses failing because people don’t have transportation to get to businesses.
City government has failed at controlling Mr. Big Business, such as letting them get away with not paying their employees for work they did. Some of the examples of this have shown up in this newspaper.
It’s common practice to work employees off the clock. Because the government doesn’t enforce laws, they pass the buck instead. A labor law also says if you work over eight hours you get a break within that eight-hour period of half an hour to one hour. This also was in your paper. Plus, some restaurants are not paying their employees the new minimum wage and don’t even have a department of labor new minimum wage posted on their bulletin board.
City government also voted down video cameras at our busy intersections. Video cameras not only help with tickets for running red lights, they also could be used in accident reports and other crimes, such as robbery in businesses close to that intersection. Homeland security funds might help pay for the video cameras because it keeps foreign terrorists in check. Look at New York City after 9-11.
City government has not gotten Frank Cochran finished to take the strain off Deal Street. It’s going on five years now. City government has not created a military industrial park that could research and develop robotic tanks, armor and vehicles that could save lives in Iraq from roadside bombs. The city has given out numerous business licenses for restaurants and none for a military industrial park. Not even a building permit for a military industrial park. And, we have so many restaurants that, when the troops leave for Iraq, they start to go under financially and this hurts the local economy.
Well, I am going to only mention what the city government has not done because it would take up too much room in your paper to do the county, state and federal government’s failures.
We don’t go to the polls until February 2008 on county, state and federal elections anyway. I hope this letter will bring on an independent party like the socialist democratic party that will take care of the needs of the people. Democrats and republicans are too self-centered to get things done.

Robert J. Wetmore
Liberty County

Editor’s note: Municipal elections are non-partisan.
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