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Walk is to be memorial for all slaves
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Editor, I appreciate the coverage the Coastal Courier gives to our efforts at LeConte-Woodmanston, but I need to clarify a few statements in the April 6 article "Group trying to breathe life back into Liberty treasure".
The memorial walk will include those names we are able to document, of the 6,000 Liberty County persons listed as slaves in the 1860 U.S. Census. It is our intent to honor not just those who toiled at Woodmanston, but by name, those throughout Liberty County, and in spirit, those throughout the United States. Interpretive signage will educate visitors and hopefully foster a better understanding of these people and their tremendous contributions to the building of a new country.
While we will be encouraging private donations for the memorial walk and smaller projects, we hardly expect to build a science center and chapel with local resources. We will be reaching out beyond Liberty County and even Georgia for funding for these projects. We have already stirred up considerable interest, and have every hope of accomplishing our new vision within the next few years.
Our Super Saturday will be a monthly event with activities for all ages, including early hours for bird watchers. We are aggressively pursuing funding to develop educational programs, such as our "Swamp Critters" and the "Fish Gotta Swim" regional program.
We encourage everyone to be involved with this "reinvention" of LeConte-Woodmanston. A "buy a brick" program is being developed which will offer the opportunity for even the very young, for a $2 donation, to be a part of the project and to begin the education of the American "Era of Slavery." The opportunities for volunteerism are numerous...for researchers and educators, guides and gardeners.

Mary Beth Evans, Executive VP
LeConte-Woodmanston Foundation
P.O. Box 179
Midway, GA  31320
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