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Walthour reunion lures hundreds to Liberty County
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Editor, This past weekend, the Walthour reunion was held in Liberty County. There was at least 100 people attending that came from all parts of the United States.
We hear many negative things about what goes on in Liberty County I wanted to let people know there are many positive things.
As vice president of the Liberty County Historical Society, I was recommended by Chuck Gaskin, the coordinator of the reunion, as a contact person to help organize  the local events. As a result of much planning, the group stayed at the motels in Hinesville and rented the Midway Civic Center for their meeting.
Midway Mayor Don Emmons welcomed the group to Midway, and I welcomed them to historic Liberty County and showed them the Hinesville-Liberty County afghans that would make great souvenirs. I also recommended my favorite books.
Casey Adams catered the lunches with her fantastic fried chicken and picked barbeque pork and smoked chickens cooked by her husband Marty to everyone's enjoyment.
After much genealogy sharing, the group visited the Midway Museum where they purchased many local history books and visited the Midway Church and cemetery. We also went to the Walthourville Presbyterian Cemetery and the historic Walthourville  Presbyterian Church.  
Some people took pictures, and they also  got a glimpse of an old plantation home, the Earnest Bacon house. Then, part of the group had a photo taken on the steps of Walthourville City Hall. On Saturday, the group met at Danny Norman’s Tea Grove Plantation. I know this is in Long County now but it used to be Liberty County.
Walthourville  Mayor Henry Frasier greeted the guests and handed out city pins to each and donated five coffee mugs that went to special guests.  Danny Norman graciously greeted the group and had them laughing from the beginning.
Tea Grove Plantation was the location of the Sand Hills community which was named Walthourville in 1800.
Most of the group were wearing white T-shirts with the Walthour Crest emblazoned on them that were hot off the press from the local Canoochee Creek Industry in Walthourville. White coffee mugs with the brightly colored crest on them were also purchased from Canoochee.
I want to thank both cities for making the grounds around the city halls attractive.  The grass had been freshly mowed and everything was very neat and clean. The Midway Civic Center was exceptionally nice. I would certainly recommend it to any group needing a large nice meeting place. I also want to thank the city clerk, Gloria, and the other workers who helped us.
Much history about Andrew Walthour, George Washington Walthour and Bobby Walthour Sr, the world champion bicycle racer, was shared. There were many interesting photos of Bobby.
The group left Liberty County feeling very good about the place from which their ancestors had originated. It was certainly my pleasure to participate with such an interesting group of people and I was proud to be able to show off Liberty County.

Margie D. Love
Liberty County
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