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Warning to Long Co. homeowners
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Editor, his letter is in response to an article appearing in the Jan. 26 issue of the Coastal Courier, entitled “Long County Homes to be Re-evaluated” by Mike Riddle.
I would like to warn every Long County homeowner that a property tax increase is very likely to happen immediately following the re-evaluation. Watch your wallets! You will have less money to spend on your families for clothing, groceries, bills, hobbies and other expenses, Property owners should consider fighting this while they can. My opinion, and warning is based upon previous re-evaluations that took place in both Liberty, and Bryan counties,
The Long County Board of Assessors is hiring a company to perform this re-evaluation. This is an obvious “B,O.H.I.C.A.” (bend-over here it comes again) alert! It’s a good indication property values will increase again, but this time in Long County. Your assessors don’t have the nerve to do this themselves. As in the past, an outside the county, but Georgia-based company was contracted to perform this “dirty deed.”
Your appraisers, the people you pay to perform this function can pretend they are just an innocent party.
Please consider thanking Mr. Riddle for bringing this information to the attention of Long County residents. I hope I won’t have to say I told you so.

John Howard
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