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Winning gift certificate was no big deal
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Editor, I received a sales pamphlet through the mail last week advertising cars from a local, new car dealership. I’m sure you all received one — scratch off the number on the outside to see if it matches the one inside and win the prize! Well, gosh and begora, it does! I won a gift certificate for up to $500 at Lowe’s. WOW! That's nice.
So, I go up to this car dealership that is on Highway 84 and sells expensive, high-end cars. I walk in and a nice lady starts to talk with me.
I hand her my ad and explain why I have come to visit and she says, “Let’s check this out.” We go to a big board in the main hall of the showroom and she tells me I have won “the” $500 gift certificate. I got excited then.
She took me up to the manager and he offered me a free ride in a new car. I declined. He gave me my gift certificate. The lady congratulated me and I left. A friend was with me. The sales woman gave me her card as I was leaving.
When I went to Lowe’s a day or so later, my gift certificate was worth $10. I am over 60 years old. I read the fine print, but when the person handing you the certificates tells you that you have won “the” $500 gift certificate, what would you have thought?
I went back to these so honest people at the dealership and talked to the manager. He told me the sales lady I talked with didn't work there and he showed me the ad that was sent out.
I still have the card she gave me, and the friend that went with me. Thank God I didn’t buy a car from them. If anyone did get the real “$500 certificate,” please call me at 222-0924.
I just wonder if anyone did.

Jeri Vick
Liberty County
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