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MARNE lanes Bowling scores
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1st: Glad to be Here, 2805

2nd: State Farm, 2726

3rd: Team Seven, 2694

4th: Let’s do it Again, 2681

5th: All in the Family 2, 2674



1st: J. Kindig/C. Kindig, 1493

2nd: R.Haile/S. Murray, 1418

3rd: T. Gasper/G. Howard, 1413

4th: Y. German/T. Davis, 1361

5th: P. Henson/J. Schultz, 1353



1st: James Willis, 808

2nd: Sylvester Curry, 763

3rd: Alvin Davis, 754

4th: Christine Grimm, 731

5th: Robert Haile, 726

6th: John Kindig, 724

7th: Ivey Sarvis, 718

8th: Nelson Tellames, 718

9th: Lula Turman, 717


All events scratch

1st: Terry Harvey, 1992

2nd: Scott Murray, 1981

3rd: Syvester Curry, 1949

4th: Ivey Sarvis, 1944

5th: Patrick Eastlake, 1943


All events handicap

1st: Alvin Davis, 2246

2nd: John Kindig, 2224

3rd: James Willis, 2173

4th: Robert Haile, 2163

5th: Terry Harvey, 2145

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