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Barbershop a community fixture for 40 years
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When he went into business more than 40 years ago at the age of 18, the cost of a haircut was $1 and a shave was 50 cents. After thousands of haircuts and watching many styles come and go, Charles Frasier is still in business and he has some of his original customers.
Charles Frasier started out cutting hair in his father’s barbershop.  
“I learned the trade from my father, Sam Frasier. My father started his shop during World War II,” Frasier said.
Today, Charles Frasier Barber Shop is a fixture in the community.
“Most of my customers are middle age or older,” he said. Frasier’s regular customers come every two weeks to get a haircut and sometimes just to shoot the breeze.
At 68, Frasier says he still enjoys his job and his customers. Over the years, his shop has become a home away from home and his patrons have become part of his family. Frasier has heard stories of their children’s births, school days, graduations, proms, college days and other milestones.
Often, people think of women doing all the gabbing and chatting at the beauty shop, but men are as just as guilty.
“Yes, we discuss a lot of things. We talk about politics, sports and our families,” Frasier said. “The television is normally on CNN, a local news channel, or sports channel. No soap operas.”
When his customers tell tales of their children’s achievements, Frasier is right there with them. He’s not only a proud barber, but a proud father as well.
“My three daughters are college graduates. Two of them have master’s degrees. My daughter, Valerie, was Miss Bradwell, and my daughter, Fraya, was the first black valedictorian at Bradwell. I also have one grandchild in college,” he said.  Frasier said his only son (Charles Jr.) went to barber school, but has not decided to follow in his grandfather and father’s footsteps.
 “In order to be successful, you have to have the right attitude when dealing with customers. You have to have patience and be consistent with your customers,” Frasier said. “My parents (Sam and Grace Frasier) are also part of my success,” he said.  “My father died in 1968.”
Before he became a full-time barber, Frasier worked at Fort Stewart and also sold insurance with the Atlanta Life Insurance Agency. Frasier is a longtime member of Pleasant Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church in Hinesville.  He serves as the church treasurer and has been a steward and a trustee.

When he’s not cutting hair, Frasier enjoys traveling, sports and reading.  
“We have traveled to Canada, Detroit, Miami, Texas, Atlanta, Tennessee and other places,” he said.  His favorite teams are the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves and Boston Celtics.  
“I used to be a Lakers fan, but now I am a Boston Celtics fan,” he said.
Frasier is married to Carolyn Frasier, a retired employee of Coastal Georgia Community Action Agency.  
“Although she is retired, she decided to go back to work on a part-time basis,” he said.
A community-centered person, Frasier said he’s always loved his neighborhood. He regularly donates to, attends and supports community activities
Charles Frasier Barber Shop, at 406 Tarver St. in Hinesville, is open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday.
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