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Patty Leon new

Patty Leon

General Manager
912-876-0156 ext. 1013

Jeff Whitten may 2017

Jeff Whitten

Kayla Gamble.jpg

Kayla Gamble

Multimedia Reporter
912-876-0156 ext 1032
Mark Swendra

Mark Swendra

Chief of Digital Operations/Reporter

Business Office
Caitlyn Smoyer

Caitlyn Smoyer

Business Office Manager
912-876-1056 ext. 1014

Chandra new

Chandra Hughes

Graphic Designer
Eliese Bowles new

Eliese Bowles

Graphic Designer

Advertising/Digital Services
cindy white.jpeg

Cindy White

Advertising Director
912-876-0156 ext. 1035
Elly Mattingly

Elly Mattingly

Classified Ads / Legals
912-876-0156 ext. 1015
Jeff DeYoung

Jeff DeYoung

Multimedia Account Executive
912-876-0156 ext. 1020