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Barfield name affized to old airport site
FEA Barfield sign dedication
The extended family of Frankie Barfield gathers at the road leading to the old Liberty County airport to dedicate a road sign, renamed in Barfield’s honor. Barfield and her husband, George, managed the county’s first airport for several years. - photo by Photo by Jen Alexander McCall
Frankie Barfield was a household name for people who flew in and out of one of Liberty County’s original airports. Now her legacy has been made more permanent with a new road sign in her honor.
Barfield’s extended family gathered Saturday at the entrance to the old site to dedicate the sign and remember the impact of the airport business on their lives.
“There are a lot of memories out here, a lot of good memories,” Bob Barfield, Frankie’s son, said during the dedication. “My mom was honored to do this job for the county. She helped out a lot of industry and business come out of this airport. She enjoyed it a whole lot.”
The Barfields saw business grow steadily, and in the 1980s were managing 13 aircraft; George Barfield, Frankie’s husband, logged more than 23,000 miles between the ages of 17 and 63, according to a newspaper story from that time. They also extended their family ways into the business side of life, occasionally putting up travelers who were unable to make the trip home because of weather or other issues.
Commissioner Connie Thrift also attended the dedication. “It’s always an honor and a pleasure to come out and be part of someone else’s life. We couldn’t have had an airport without the Barfield family,” Thrift said. “I always had fond memories of this airport.”
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