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Best things: Ex-SEAL reveals life lessons
Best-selling author advises others to breathe, express feelings, dont quit
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Dr. Howard Wasdin - photo by Christie Schroeder

Former Navy SEAL Howard Wasdin, the author of New York Times Best Seller “SEAL Team Six,” has worked to overcome obstacles his entire life.

However, the South Georgia native has learned from his experiences and used them to his advantage along the way, battling depression after being shot in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia and opening his Absolute Precision Chiropractic office in Jesup in 2010.

Wasdin recently shared with the Courier the five most meaningful lessons he has learned while overcoming adversity.

1. Demonstrate your love: “When I thought I was going to die in Somalia — and when you really think you’re getting ready to check out, you do a real soul check, a gut check, and think about what you’ve missed out on and what you’ve done wrong — the regret I had was that I didn’t tell the people I love that I love them enough,” Wasdin said. “So always tell the people you love that you love them every chance you get.”

2. Just breathe: “Even when things are the darkest — when you think, ‘Man, things just can’t get any worse than this. My life sucks now, especially compared to how it used to be’ — when you’re in that darkest spot, all you have to do is just remember to breathe,” Wasdin said. “Just breathe, and it will pass.”

3. Don’t be a statistic: “Don’t be a statistic by having to have somebody else take care of you,” Wasdin said. “I could’ve easily become a statistic, giving up. I could’ve literally been homeless and penniless.”

Instead, Wasdin fought through his pain until he eventually overcame it.

“Just don’t be a statistic,” he said. “Keep fighting.”

4. Never miss the opportunity to improve yourself: Wasdin said it’s an important tip for people of all ages, whether it’s through furthering your education or learning a new skill. He said he recently started playing the piano, something that had been on his bucket list.

He said another way to improve yourself is by taking part in the community.

“And that’s another thing we need to make sure people know: Pick a charity in your local area and help it out,” he said. “It not only makes you a better person, you’re changing lives by doing that.

5. If you don’t love your job, find one that you do love: “If you don’t love your job, get off your butt and do something and find one that you do love,” Wasdin said.

After retiring from the Navy, he tried out many different jobs before he found one that truly satisfied him.

“I became a chiropractor following my career as a Navy SEAL due to my continued desire to help people,” he said on his website,

“Although I am no longer implementing hostage rescue, I still want to help people rescue their own health.”

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