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Age does not hinder spreading the Word
In the pulpit
Elder J.C. and Loraine Kelly
At age 80, many people have retired and are relaxing and enjoying the children and grandchildren. Elder J.C. Kelly may have retired from his job working at the cleaners in New York, but he is still busy spreading the Word of God.
A native of Liberty County, Pastor Kelly went to New York at age 18 and joined the Navy. After his time in the military, he spent many years in New York preaching and teaching the gospel. Three years ago, he returned home to Liberty County.  
He is no novice to the ministry. Kelly has been in the ministry for more than 68 years and spent many years on the evangelistic field. Prior to being called into the ministry, Kelly served as a deacon for nine years. As a man of God, he has conducted many tent revivals. He also serves as a national evangelist.
In 1960, he was stricken with tuberculosis of the spine. While in the hospital in Staten Island, he contacted Apostle Aturo Skinner, and prayed the prayer of faith for him and he was healed there in the telephone booth.
“God worked a miracle in his life,” his wife, Missionary Lorraine Kelly, said.   
Pursuant to his healing, God gave Kelly a powerful healing ministry. He has traveled extensively throughout the country conducting healing revivals and crusade. Many people have been healed through the power of God by his ministry.  “I love working for the Lord,” he said.  
Kelly established six churches, located in North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. He is currently the pastor of Kelly Temple Church of Christ Holiness unto the Lord in Savannah, and Lighthouse Deliverance in Roanoke Rapids, N.C.
Kelly Temple was established in Savannah in 1926. The church has been at its current location on Stiles Avenue for 12 years.
“We bought a shopping center and have services there,” Kelly said.
Both churches have various programs established to meet the needs of the members and community. Kelly Temple has pastoral Sunday on the first Sunday, brotherhood services on the second Sunday, missionary services on the third Sunday, and youth services on the fourth Sunday.  “The missionaries are involved in outreach,” Lorraine Kelly said.
Although he may be 80 years young, Pastor Kelly and his wife do a lot of traveling.
“My husband drives a lot. Sometimes we catch the train when we travel to North Carolina,” she said. They will be going to Jamaica on Nov. 24.
Moses Lewis serves as the head bishop of the organization in which Kelly’s churches belong. Kelly said he has a lot of respect and admiration for Lewis, and advises pastors and ministers to be obedient to leadership.
“I denied the world; I never drank nor smoked. God saved me when I was 14 and he kept me,” Kelly said.
He is a graduate of the International Seminary in Plymouth, Fla., with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. He also has a master’s degree.
He loves preaching the gospel and loves to sing. He also enjoys working with computers, gardening and sewing. He has made his own personal Christmas cards on the computer. According to his wife, he does excellent alterations.
Kelly comes from a family of ministers. He has two brothers who are pastors, and his late sister, Mary Kelly, was also in the ministry.
Pastor and Lorraine Kelly have been married for three years. They were both widowed.
“We had a beautiful wedding in 2004. God really blessed me with a beautiful man,” Lorraine Kelly said.
Together, they are the parents of 13 children and 23 grandchildren. They reside in Midway.
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