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Become something beautiful with God
pastor corner

In Romans 12, we are encouraged to be transformed.

This word in the Greek language, of which the New Testament Scriptures are written, is equivalent to the English word metamorphosis, which describes the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. In other words, we as Christians are to become something beautiful in God’s sight and as others look at our lives.

I was looking out my office window one recent morning and noticed the knockout roses that are against our church building. The blooms are small and not so much in abundance. There have been many times in which those bushes were fully loaded with larger blooms, so I questioned what made the difference. I came to the conclusion that they have not been fertilized lately.

In the Christian walk, what is equivalent to the fertilizer is reading the word and prayer — in other words, spending time with God. The more we spend time with him the more we become like him, the more our lights are going to shine, the more beautiful we are. It’s an inner beauty that works itself out in our attitudes and actions.

So today, be committed to take time out of your busy schedule for prayer and the word. Others will take notice.

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