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Build you talents for God
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When I was growing up as a child, I always heard the story of David and Goliath. I pictured this small boy with a slingshot that he used as a toy, running up to this huge and strong ugly giant, then shooting a rock from the slingshot, hoping by chance that it hit its target. Then I pictured David, after opening his eyes, surprised yet thankful for the success of the shot.
The truth is that even though David was not yet a grown man, he wasn’t this little boy who went around playing with a slingshot. David was a young man whose primary job was looking after the sheep, many times out in the wilderness. He was a marksman with that sling (actually not a slingshot); he had to be in order to ward off the attack of wild animals and thieves trying to kill or steal the sheep.
He also was experienced in using a sword or knife. He said that a lion and a bear had attacked the sheep and that he was able to grab them by the hair and kill them. He might have been a boy, but he was a boy with strength and talent.
We do realize that the Lord used these abilities to gain victory and gave him the faith to pursue this victory.
The same can be applied to our lives – we all have gifts and talents that need to be used for the Lord and for ministry. Some are natural born, but most have to be honed and sharpened. I’m sure David spent a lot of time practicing with that sling and with his sword or knife.
For us, it may mean that we need more education or more on-the-job training. We first need to find out what our talents are and then we need to give it our best.

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