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Children have important role in services
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Every Sunday morning at our church, we have what we call “children’s moments.” It’s not unique to our church, but it was something new for us when we started it a few years ago.
The boys and girls gather around me at the front of the worship center, and I talk to them about Jesus, the Bible or some other aspect of the Christian life. Sometimes I use an object for a lesson, and sometimes I tell a story. From time to time, I will read a story from a children’s book.
I have to admit something to you. That is one of my favorite times of worship.
Oh, I know there are risks involved. I’ve had to pull little boys out from behind the organ a couple of times. I have had a couple of brothers pulling and tugging on each other.
Sometimes I will draw one of the children a little closer to me. In fact, when a child has been a bit too talkative for a couple of weeks, I often will ask them to help me that morning. I will let them hold the book or answer a question for me.
I’ve had a couple of friends tell me they never would do that in their church. I have had others say they thought it could get out of control. And I admit the children do not behave just perfectly each week. In fact, they act like children. Can you imagine?
Let me tell you why this is such an important time to me. First, I think I am following the example of Jesus. He told his followers to allow the children to come to him. He held them in his lap and blessed them.
He said of children: “Of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Yes, children matter to the Lord.
A second reason I do this is to help teach the children how to behave in church. Yes, some of the younger ones think it’s a time for them to ham it up a bit. But gently and lovingly I can help them learn how to sit quietly for just a moment or two and hear the story.
Sometimes they help me along the way. We must do our best to teach our children how to worship.
I have third reason for doing children’s moments. Adults usually listen in while I’m talking to the boys and girls. Many times, I am told that the children’s sermon is their favorite part of the service. I’m fine with that. We should take advantage of any way we can teach the truths of the Scriptures.
I have to admit there is at least one more reason. I like the kids. They encourage me. They love me.
Once again, Jesus loved the children. Maybe that’s just one more way I can strive to be like him.

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