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Church appears on Atlanta TV network
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Tabernacle of Prayer for all People Pastor Nancy Kornegay and several of the church’s members pose with a copy of the Coastal Courier during an appearance on an Atlanta-based Christian television network. - photo by Photo provided.
Last December, Tabernacle of Prayer for all People in Hinesville hosted well-known television spiritual leader and international evangelist Dr. Juanita Bynum II for a two-day revival. During the first two months of this year, the church appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network in Atlanta.
The network is the world’s largest Christian network and America’s most-watched faith channel. It offers 24 hours of commercial-free religious programming.
TBN is carried by television stations and cable systems to millions of homes, and on 33 international satellites to people in Europe, the Middle East, central Africa, Latin America, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and India.
“In January, we received a call from TBN inviting us to appear on the broadcast when Bishop Eddie Long was hosting, but we were unable to attend,” said Tabernacle of Prayer for all People Pastor Nancy Kornegay. “We appeared on Feb. 9 with evangelist Perry Stone serving as host.”
Kornegay and her husband Charles are co-pastors of the church.
The two-hour program, “Praise the Lord,” program aired at 10 p.m. Feb. 9 and at 5 p.m. Feb. 10.
“It was an experience we will never forget. We were invited to bring 30 people with us. Even the young people enjoyed the experience,” Kornegay said. “The weather was bad, but that did not dampen our spirits. During the program, they spotlighted the pastors in the audience and announced who we were and where we were from.”
“It is better in the studio than watching on television. The anointing is so much higher. There was a rabbi from Atlanta in the studio and a young lady who came in from Israel. I had the opportunity to meet Perry Stone and several of the pastors who were in the audience. One of the pastors has a sister here in Hinesville,” the pastor said. “Dr. Bynum spoke a word in my life during the two-night revival and things have really been moving. A television station in Florida will be interviewing me and my husband in March. The station is trying to get exposure in this area,” Kornegay said.
“I will also be doing a women’s conference in Tallahassee, Fla., in March and will also be speaking in Bossier City, La. We are excited about what God is doing,” she said.
During the church’s appearance on TBN in Atlanta, Kornegay and several congregants took a copy of the Coastal Courier with them.

Anderson is the author of “Lack of Knowledge” and “Dare to Soar.”
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