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Church has plenty to celebrate
In the pulpit
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Shana and Pastor Tommy Crutchfield - photo by Photo provided.
Members of the Life United Pentecostal Church on Pipkin Road in Hinesville are preparing for three big events. They have a lot to be thankful and excited about.
On August 29 at 7 p.m., Matt Maddix of St. Petersburg, Fla., will speak at a youth rally at the church. Maddix has traveled throughout America, working in youth ministry, personal evangelism, campus ministry, motivational speaking, revivals, teaching seminars, and developing many outreach programs in churches.
“In addition to Maddix, there will be music, drama, and songs,” said Shanna Crutchfield, wife of Pastor Tommy Crutchfield. “We have a very active and involved youth ministry,” she said.
At 11 a.m. on Aug. 31, the church will celebrate a combined dedication and mortgage burning service. Rev. Daniel Berry of Birmingham, Ala., will be the speaker.
“God has blessed us. About two years ago, the church began a rebuilding project. The old sanctuary was renovated into a foyer and offices, and a new sanctuary was built. The new sanctuary which seats approximately 300 people has been paid off in full,” Shanna Crutchfield said.
“God used a man who was not a member of the church to bless us with the money to completely pay the church off. God performed a total miracle. It’s just amazing what God has done,” she said.
“Our miracle began three years ago when God spoke to our hearts. We were in a 30'x40' sanctuary, packed to capacity without room to grow. With an average attendance of 60 – 70, we should have been able to afford more space, however, the majority of the members were youths or people on very fixed incomes. As we prayed about building, the Lord spoke and said he would send in the money from outside the church if we would just keep reaching the children, teens, and everyone else others were not reaching,” Pastor Crutchfield said.
According to the pastor, prior to completion of the church, several members transferred to other locations, and the building costs exceeded expectations. “However, we were excited. We had this new note to contend with, but the people started coming and God was blessing,” he said...
“Rev. Daniel Berry from Birmingham, Ala., ministered in our services in July 2007. He gave a powerful testimony of how he was reached by our church in the 1970s as a young soldier and now he is a pastor. While preaching, Bro. Berry spoke very boldly and said God could pay our church off in one year. We started believing and claiming he would,” Crutchfield said.
“In the early part of this year, a member from our church prayed with a man of another religion whose son had been missing for three years. This man said his God had turned his back on him. The member from our church told him that he would pray to Jesus for this situation.”
“Three months later the member from our church met this man again. This time the man had a young man with him. This man told our member that he had thought about the prayer they prayed to Jesus and he decided to pray on his own. The morning after his prayer, his son came home.”
The man found out his son had been charged with murder and sentenced to death around the time the member of the church prayed with him. A judge then allowed an appeal to go through and the very day the father broke down and prayed, the judge dismissed the case and freed the son.
“This man then wanted to give my member gifts, but he refused,” Crutchfield said. “A few days later, however, the man and his son sent the church a very generous monetary blessing. The monetary donation paid the new church off in full and money was left.”  
“We called the bank and our deed has cleared and the church is paid in full one year later. The other monies are being used to finish some things at our church and purchase a van as well as investing in Missions. This van will allow us to be able to bring people who do not have transportation to church. God still works miracles today,” Crutchfield said.
The pastor and the members of the church at 1301 Pipkin Road in Hinesville invite you to their youth rally and dedication/mortgage burning services.
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