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Church remodels, adds to ministry staff
In the pulpit Sept. 2
fleming RevMajorDykes
The Rev. Major Dykes stands outside the front door of Fleming Baptist Church for an earlier Courier story. - photo by Courier file photo
It took several years, but Fleming Baptist Church has undergone  extensive remodeling and the congregation is excited about it.
For the past four years, the church has been under the leadership of Pastor Major Dykes, 73, and is moving forward.
Dykes has been in the ministry for 43 years. His first church was the Townsend Baptist Church in Townsend. He is now serving his second tenure as pastor of Fleming Baptist Church.
“We have new pews, choir furniture, carpet, lights and a new glass pulpit,” the pastor said. “There is also new sound equipment in the sound room.”
He said he’s proud of the remodeling work and the hard work of the people in his church.
“We paid cash for everything,” he said. “The people worked hard. We had our dedication services a couple of months ago.”
The remodeling also includes screen projectors in the front and back of the sanctuary.
In addition to the new furniture and remodeling, Fleming Baptist is also getting a new youth pastor.
Danny Eason will become the youth pastor in about two week.
“We are looking forward to him being a part of the ministry as a full-time youth pastor,” Dykes said.
The ministry of Fleming Baptist is growing.
“Recently, George Hall (who is retired military) was ordained and John Hubbard was licensed. He will be ordained shortly,” Dykes said.
Fleming Baptist also has a very active senior’s group.
“Once a month, we have a fellowship dinner. The seniors take trips as well as the youths. The seniors help with school supplies for children and are involved in various projects,” the pastor said.
His advice to ministers is to pray a lot and be patient.
“You must study the word. I have discovered patience really has its place. We live in a fast moving world and everybody seems to be in a hurry,” he said. “I wanted to do everything overnight. I wanted to solve everybody’s problems, but I discovered I could not. I found out God could do it better than me.”  
“When lives are changed and families are strengthened, it encourages me to move forward in my ministry. My desire is to reach the community with the gospel of Christ and to minister and meet the needs of families in a confusing society.”
Fleming Baptist is on Highway 17, four miles north of Midway. It was organized in 1911 and used to be across the railroad track near the post office in Fleming.
According to Dykes, the church moved to its present location about 30 years ago.
Dykes and his wife, Deborah, live in Fleming.
“I love to fish, and have been fishing since I was a small boy. My mother also loved to fish,” he said.
Dykes encourages the public to worship with them. Services are held each Sunday at 11 a.m., with Bible study at 9:45 a.m. and evening services at 6.
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