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Cross is symbol of independence
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If I would ask the average American what the symbol is for our freedom, I believe most people would say that it is our flag.
Our national anthem depicts this truth and we are reminded of it at many public events. We have this coming national holiday on July 4 where we celebrate the freedom we enjoy as well as remember those who fought to gain us this freedom.
If I would ask the average Christian what the symbol is for our Christian freedom, the average person would say it is the cross.
There is a song that depicts this truth more than any other and that is the old hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross.”
Every day of the year every Christian ought to personally celebrate the freedom we enjoy over the power of sin, from guilt and from the results of sin, which is eternity in hell.
We come together as believers every week to cooperatively celebrate this freedom and to remember the one, Jesus Christ, who won our freedom by dying on the cross for our sins.
If you were born in the USA you automatically inherited the national freedom we enjoy, but there is only one way to take advantage of spiritual freedom and that is by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord.
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