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Don't quit, believe
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

In this season, the Lord wants all of us to stay focused, believe him and be encouraged. Each of us will face difficult times and trials in life when it seems like everything is going wrong.

The fact is that you have been in a situation or place long enough. God is telling you it is time for a new season in your life. The uncomfortable feeling we are having is because of leaving what is familiar and going to the unfamiliar. The uncomfortable feeling is actually God’s way of saying he is ready to shift us to another place, position or season.

When we begin to experience these times, it is our opportunity to surrender and say "yes" to the Lord followed by obedience to what he wants us to do.

In Genesis 12:1-3, God asked Abram to leave his family and his father’s house. This place was familiar, now he had to go to an unfamiliar place that he knew nothing about. Although Abram believed and obeyed God, he still faced obstacles and trials. There was even a time when Abram had to fight.

When times became tough, he did not stop moving forward, he did not stop believing, he did not quit and say God’s way was too hard. Abram did not go back to his father’s house. Abram kept on believing God and became a father of many nations.

Abram was promised descendants as numerous as the dust of the Earth and as the stars in the sky, if they can even be counted. Many came through him, because he didn’t quit or faint in the process. We are part of those descendants from Abram.

When we believe God, we are saying we will not quit or give up when times are tough. It took time before Abram would receive the promise of having the son God promised him and Sarah. Abram held fast and believed, he did not quit, and God brought it to pass.

Now ask yourself, what blessing or promise does God have for you since you decided not to quit on him or the assignment he gave you, even in the midst of your process? God already has your path and plans mapped out for you, according to Jeremiah 29:11. God is the master chef, he uses everything in life as the perfect ingredients, good or bad, so that we will smell and taste good before him.

Abram’s name was eventually changed to Abraham and made great because he believed God. What are you being changed to because you believe God and will not quit in your process? Remember, everything God allows us to go through works together for our good.

Frazier is the pastor of Rivers of Living Waters Outreach Ministry and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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