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Entering the rest of God
Pastor's corner
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Scripture tells us that there is a time and a season to everything under the heaven. God has set each season in place for our benefit. I believe the church has entered a season of “Sabbath Rest.” One of the Ten Commandments is:
Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy (Exo 20:8 KJV).
Orthodox Jews hold to this commandment in the literal sense, but I believe there is a spiritual meaning for this commandment. The church has become so busy “working for God” that we have forgotten how to “work with God.” We have never entered the true rest of God. The practice of having a Sabbath day of rest was God’s way of teaching His people to stop and reflect on His goodness. During the creation week the Bible says that on the seventh day even God rested. At the end of the sixth day, He began to reflect on all that He had made and concluded that it was very good.
(Gen 2:3 NIV) And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that He had done.
The Sabbath Season is a time to reflect. God is good for His record. There is a song that says: “When I look back over my life, and I think things over, I have a testimony. To obtain a testimony I’ll have to take a few tests.”
First comes the test, then comes an opportunity to pass or fail it. Once I’ve completed the test and I’m graded, that grade determines if it will become a testimony or retake!
I have found that when I enter His rest, I am not anxious about my testing. I can trust Him with all my heart and stop learning on my own understanding. Taking the time to reflect on what the Lord has done, gives me a better vision of what He will do. I must remember what the Children of Israel seemed to have forgotten. If He can open the Red Sea, and walk you over on dry ground, then He can certainly get you across the Jordan River.
The Sabbath Season of God is our antidote for weariness. The Bible says we are not to be weary in well doing, for we will reap if we faint not. God would not let the Children of Israel enter the Promised Land because they would not enter His rest. They wondered around in the wilderness for 40 years. Weariness will keep in the wilderness wondering what the will of God is for him.
I have been guilty of overlooking the commandment to rest. But in this year of our Lord, I’ve gotten a revelation of rest. Seven is the Biblical number of rest. This is the seventh month of the seventh year of this century. The rest of God is the final stage of faith, and the stepping-stone to absolute victory.

Deason is senior pastor of Liberty Prayer Chapel and director of Liberty County Manna House in Hinesville.
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