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Evidence of God in spring
pastor corner

Spring has definitely sprung in southeast Georgia. The azaleas are almost finished blooming. Many different trees remain in full bloom. My vegetable garden is growing beautifully at this time.

I go back and forth between fall and spring as my two favorite seasons. While it is not as prevalent here it is in the foothills of north Georgia where I grew up, the changing colors of leaves in fall is a sight I adore. But there is something about the new growth of spring that gives us hope for more.

I continue to be amazed that I can plant a seed (one bean or kernel of corn) in the ground and, within days, a sprout emerges. Weeks later, the plant has grown and leaves appear. Then there is the bud, the bloom and, finally, there is food on that plant. It is truly a fascinating process.

Here’s the deal. I recently told my wife that if you consider the cost of the seeds and plants, the fertilizer and insecticides, along with the amount of time and effort that I put into my garden, I could probably drive to the Farmers Market in Atlanta twice a month and save money. But it would not be the same.

There is something special about pulling a tomato off of the vine, taking it inside to wash it, and then making your own sandwich with it. Nothing is better than fresh squash or peppers just harvested.

My garden is a labor of love. But as I plant, cultivate, weed and pick from its bounty, I am reminded of the glory of God. I learn so many lessons from my garden that I can’t count all of them. But there are a few that stand out.

First, there is the fact that I cannot cause anything to grow. It remains a mystery to me exactly how the growth takes place. I can only control so much of the process. God is the one who gives the growth. The second lesson goes along with that. There is honor in hard work. My time in the garden is not easy. But it is worth it. There is satisfaction in cooperating with God in his work.

My final lesson is the reminder of the need for thankfulness. I am grateful to God for the ability to work in the garden, and for the bounty I reap from it. It is indeed true that God is good. Even in the garden, I can worship him.

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