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Getting to know Jesus takes time, patience
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I recently had computer problems. Nothing crashed or burned, but my computer was running extremely slowly. It would take up to three minutes to send or receive emails. It would take a minute or two for a website to load.
You can imagine how impatient I must have been during those moments. After all, with today’s technology, those things should work instantly.
How many of you remember dial-up internet? When computers first were becoming popular, when I first started using email, it would five minutes or so to get a phone connection and retrieve email.
Some of us remember writing and sending letters. (When is the last time you received or sent a handwritten note?) It could take a week or more to get a reply. Can you imagine?
We live in an impatient time. We expect instant results. I remember my mom cooking beans on the stove all day long. Today I stand by the microwave and tap my foot, wondering why it is taking so long for the popcorn to be ready.
Computers were supposed to save us time. They were supposed to make life easier. There even was talk that they might lead to three-day weekends because we would be able to complete our work more quickly.
What happened?        
The fact is that our cell phones and computers and so many other electronic toys now seem to rule our lives. We are using them constantly, and we cannot find any free time to relax.       
I find this attitude within myself when it comes to spiritual growth, too. I want things now. I want to be more Christlike, and I want others to be the same. I become impatient if others are not conforming to my idea of godliness. And I grow impatient with myself when I fail.
God understands that growing in the faith is a lifetime process, not an overnight accomplishment. We are saved in a moment. But becoming the person God wants us to be takes time.
That is why it is so important for you and me to set aside time for prayer and Bible study. That is why we need to worship regularly with our church family.
If we are to become who God wants us to be, it will be more than a minute or two each day. It will take time.
I know your time is valuable to you. It probably is the most valuable thing you have. And yet I encourage you to set aside specific times daily and weekly for the Lord. You never will be the person you were created to be until you do. But if you will do that, the journey to being God’s person will be a wonderful trip. Take the time to get to know Jesus each day. You will be glad that you did.

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