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God deserves prompt obedience
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The other day my son and I were out in the boat fishing near St. Catherines Sound. We had taken along some frozen shrimp I had caught in a net earlier this month, and since I didn’t want them to spoil I decided I needed to get rid of them.
Just about this time, we had a sea gull hover over the boat and I decided to throw a shrimp up in the air. The sea gull grabbed it right away.
All of a sudden there must have been 50 sea gulls by the boat coming from who knows where. They must yell a signal to the other birds or they might see what is going on, but they communicate to each other some way.
As I was feeding them, something strange happened all of a sudden – the birds for no apparent reason just flew away and disappeared into the yonder blue sky. A few minutes later they were back but I only had a few shrimp left so they ended up landing on an island a few yards away. I still can’t figure out what caused them to suddenly disappear except that they were reacting to something immediately.
As I was thinking about this ordeal, my mind went to the fact that we as Christians don’t always react positively in the area of obedience when God speaks to us about certain issues in our lives.
Some like to argue with our heavenly Father while others try to make a deal. Some try to justify their disobedience by saying something like, “Well, God understands my situation,” when they know they are doing wrong. If we want to please God, we must be obedient to what He asks of us. The scripture tells us that obedience is better than to sacrifice, meaning that obeying God’s will is better than sacrificing our time, talents or resources and being out of the will of God.
The motivation for obeying God in the first place is love. We do what He tells us to do because we love Him and we want to please Him.  So the next time God asks you to do something, do it immediately knowing that when He asks, it is for your benefit and God’s glory.
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