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God is the same today and forever
pastor corner

As I sit here at my desk, the radio plays softly in the background. Actually, I listen to the radio online through my tablet.

Can you imagine if I had spoken those words to my grandparents? In their day, "online" was where clothes were hung to dry. You "did your lessons" by writing on a tablet (it was paper, just in case you didn’t get that).

I am overwhelmed by the changes that have taken place in my lifetime, especially in the area of electronics. I remember the joy when we got our first color television. I’ve been through long-play albums, eight-track tapes, cassettes (think Walkman), compact discs and iPods. And that’s just for music.

I have more luxuries and features in my car than we used to have in our homes. My phone is a more powerful computer than the first one I ever saw when I went to Shorter College in Rome, Georgia. The "computer room" was indeed a room filled with one computer.

The whole situation is dizzying. Life moves so fast, and is so complex, that one could give up. I know that I feel the need for some kind of stability.

I am grateful for my wife of 36 years. Knowing that I can count on her, that I can trust her, means more than I can express. I am thankful to have been the pastor at First Baptist in Pembroke for 10½ years. The love and support the congregation members have given has been such a joy to me.

But the one constant that means the most to me is that God is with me. When everything around me is in flux, I remember this. According to Scripture, he is "the same yesterday, today and forever." That simply means that he is faithful. We can count on him.

In Exodus 3, God revealed his name to Moses. "I am who I am." My Hebrew professor said that phrase could be translated, "I will continue to be what I have always been." Another reminder of the trustworthy nature of God.

I know that the world is changing at warp speed, and there is nothing I can do to stop that. But I know that there is one constant in whom I can trust and rest. That gives me peace and hope, both for today and for the future.

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