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God is the ultimate organizer
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Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I remember receiving a phone call from my mom many years ago. It was sometime in August, just before school was to start. We were about three minutes into the conversation when she said to me in a very excited tone, “I’ve finished my Christmas shopping!”
I paused for a moment, and then asked the question, “You did what?” And she repeated it. It was still summer time. The boys were not in school, but she had finished her Christmas shopping. I could not believe it.
I don’t remember anything else about that phone conversation that day. I simply could not believe that anyone, much less my own mother, would do their Christmas shopping in August. Clearly she was not waiting for any Black Friday deals.
You have to give her credit for being organized and prepared. Indeed, if my mother was anything at all, she was organized and prepared. When you opened her chest freezer in the utility room, you could see it.
Meats were on the left and vegetables were on the right. The meats were in alphabetical order — beef, chicken and pork, as were the vegetables — beans, corn, peas, etc. Even the pantry was that way. Apple, grape and strawberry jelly (all homemade, by the way), along with the other canned and boxed goods.
I did not get my mom’s organizational genes. Oh, I may be better than some. My library in my office is very organized with church history books on one shelf, preaching books on another, then theology and apologetics and on it goes. The commentaries, Bible dictionary and concordance that I use more regularly are at my fingertips right beside my desk with the computer.
But on more than one occasion I have misplaced something of importance, only to find it later in a place that just makes no sense.
I smile when I think of Mom’s organizational skills because that was simply one way that she reflected the glory of God.
Consider the universe in which we live. While some believe that science and theology are in competition, in reality what we know about God makes science possible and understandable.
Our God is the ultimate organizer. And whether you are viewing space with the telescope, or tiny organisms with the microscope, you can see the mighty hand of God at work in all that He has made.
At Christmas we celebrate God stepping into his creation in a unique way. He became flesh and dwelt among us. It was a part of his magnificent plan from the start. As early as Genesis 3:15 we see that God had something in mind to help the ones he had created. And Christmas — along with the cross and resurrection — was central to that plan.
I’m glad that God had a plan. And I’m glad it included me. I pray that during this Christmas season we will see his plan and join him in the work he has called us to do.

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