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God remains on the move
Pastor's corner
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Our God is a God who always has been on the move.  
He created us in His image, and even in the garden, He made clear to us that He expected us to be on the move as well. In Genesis 1:28, He gave a command to fill the Earth and subdue it. Even if we had not sinned, we could never have fulfilled that command if we had stayed in the garden.    
After He gave this command, He gave us the resources to accomplish it, so that we never could say we didn’t have enough to get the job done.
When God gives a command, He expects it to be obeyed. He does not change or alter His plan because we think we have a better idea. Those who were building the Tower of Babel had a plan and a purpose. Their plan was to build a tower that would prove their self-sufficiency and bring honor and glory to themselves. Their purpose was to present God with a declaration of independence and disobey His clear command to spread abroad. You know how that story ended.  
God’s call to Abraham continued to exemplify this God who is on the move. God was not picking on Abraham. He did not send Abraham on an unknown journey so that we can build houses and temples and stay home. He sent Abraham as a continued unveiling of His character, this God who is on the move.
All throughout the Old Testament, the theme is that God is on a relentless pursuit for the glory of His Name among all the nations of the Earth. The miracles He performed were not just for the benefit of Israel alone, but to demonstrate His love for all the nations. He wanted us to know Him to be the Savior for all peoples.
In the New Testament, God did not change His message or method. Jesus and His disciples constantly were on the move, because He is the God who is on the move. He spent time with the Father to find out where the Father wanted to go that day, then set about to take His disciples there.
All this emphasis on movement climaxed in the issuing of the Great Commission. He said, “As you continue on this journey we have begun together, make disciples of all the ethne.” The forward movement did not begin with the Great Commission, but continued on as God’s eternal plan for the advance of His kingdom until Revelation 7:9 is fulfilled.
As we consider what Liberty County has meant to the founding of this nation, I wonder if it is time to consider that God may not be done with us. He still is on the move and is asking us to join Him. Are we ready to join Him on His journey and discover ways to proclaim liberty to the nations of Earth?
He still is on the move.

Rayman is the dean of academics at Coastal Georgia School of Missions and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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