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God will do what He promised
Pastor's corner
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"And the Lord gave Solomon wisdom, as He promised him: and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon; and they two made a league together."
- 1 Kings 5:12

Most everyone knows the story of Solomon, and how great he became because of his wisdom.
The fact is God made a promise to Solomon. I do not know the exact mechanism by which God brought it to pass, but we do know He did what He promised. Therefore in the performance of Solomon's duties as king of Israel, wisdom appeared.
It is actually quite remarkable. Solomon came to the throne under unfavorable circumstances. His dad was ill and his family had been through horrible sandals. There had been power struggles and civil war in his cabinet, and mounting tension regarding who would sit on the throne.
Solomon inherited unlimited wealth and power with no experience. He may have had counselors, but there was no one to teach him wisdom. I believe Solomon had a praying mother or maybe praying grandmother who had enough insight to step in and get her son on the throne.
By operations known only to Himself, the Lord produced wisdom in young Solomon. He gave him the capacity to reason, observe and respond with prudent action to which no person has ever equaled.
God promised Solomon wisdom and gave it to him. He kept His Word. Whatever God promises, He will surely perform. Whether wisdom for Solomon to lead a great nation, or grace to get us through the day, He is sure to do what He says. No matter how great the need appears to be, we must live by and hope in our promise keeping God.
God's word greatly exceeds all we ask or think possible. When we seek to perform His will in our lives, we place ourselves in a position to experience far more than we even could imagine. Jesus advised us to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first, and everything else will be added to us (Matthew 6:33).
This is what happened with Solomon. God gave him wisdom and added riches and many more things that he didn't know to ask for. If God promises infinite blessings, then the everyday things are traveling expenses.
God promised Adam and Eve that the seed of the woman would bruise the head of the serpent. Not only did that seed appear, but He won for us a glorious victory. He redeemed us from Satan's curse. For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.
The promise to give Israel a land flowing with milk and honey seemed impossible. They were in Egyptian bondage for more than 400 years. And even though pharaoh refused to let them go, God brought them out. He guided them through the wilderness and drove out their enemies. Against all possible odds, God did what He promised.
Throughout history, whenever men and women have taken hold of God's promises, God has responded. I cannot think of a single person that has trusted God in vain.
I have witnessed men and women stand up under heavy trials by trusting in the Word of God. Even on their deathbeds, saints are convinced that God is faithful.
When we believe God's Word, we believe something that no one can question. If God said it, it must be so. There may come a time when fire ceases to burn, when water ceases to be wet, but God's Word will remain true.
God never changes. We change. One day we feel so happy that we can dance like Miriam. The next morning we may face the temptation to weep like Jeremiah or run away like Elijah. But as long as we trust God's promises, He will surely come through, no probability.

Sapp is a member of the Community Missionary Baptist Church in Midway, where the Rev. James G. Frasier is her pastor.
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