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Is modesty for women only?
Two news stories have promoted immodest behavior from men. But should men look to be as modest as women have been? - photo by Herb Scribner
Two news stories have promoted immodest behavior for men.

First, Maxim magazine announced that actor Idris Elba would grace the cover of the magazines September issue, making him the first man to appear on the magazines cover by himself.

Similarly, Kevin Bacon released a public service announcement that called for men to free their bacon, Mashable reported. That is, to show more of their bodies in movies and the media, according to Mashable. Bacons call for more male nudity has a grassroots hashtag, #FreeTheBacon.

Elbas cover and Bacons call to #FreeTheBacon come at a time when theres an increasing sexualization in magazines in media, according to PBS. Theres especially been a a steep increase in the pervasiveness of images in magazines that show young women in highly sexual ways, PBS reported.

Some of the over-sexualization of women in the media has led to an increase in modest behavior among women. Modest clothing and swimwear are all the rage right now. And, last year, blogger Veronica Partridge said she was bucking the trend of over-sexualization by not wearing leggings because she felt the trendy, skin-tight apparel would raise lustful thoughts among men.

Modesty has long been a virtue for women, according to Christianity Today. Women are often criticized for their tank tops, shirts and leggings because of the effect they all potentially have on men, Christianity Today reported. To avoid the lustful effects immodesty creates, women will often dress in modest wear, Christianity Today reported.

But do men have the right and responsibility to be modest, too?

Yes, according to Amy R. Buckley, a writer for Relevant magazine, who said the Bible calls for both men and women to avoid immodest clothing or, any apparel that draws attention to themselves instead of God.

We are responsible for ourselves and, to some degree, the impact our behavior has on others, Buckley wrote. Biblical modesty (kosmios) meaning orderliness, moderation and appropriateness applies to attitudes and behaviors of men and women.

Modesty, more than anything else, allows people to provide their undivided attention to God, Buckley wrote. But when men are asked to show off their six-packs and toned muscles, theyre attracting attention away from God, she wrote.

Those wholly devoted to Jesus are not preoccupied with self or external appearances, Buckley wrote. Men and women with this kind of heart do not seek selfish attention, flaunt wealth or diminish others.

That may be why modesty is something that both men and women have to embrace, according to Christian Posts Marty Duren, who said immodesty draws attention away from God, which ultimately creates weaknesses and a spiritual downfall, Duren said.

I think the question is, Are women the only ones who need to be modest or are men also accountable? Duran wrote. I think there is no question we are accountable. Male followers of Christ should take modesty as seriously as we want, hope and pray that our sisters in Christ would.
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