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It is time for a change
Pastor's corner
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The year 2008 is a new year and eight represents a new beginning.
We sometimes say, “It’s time for a change.” If what we are doing is not working or helping us meet the goal or vision that God gave us, we need to change.
During my military service I saw others make decisions to get out or retire. I sometimes asked why and how they knew when it was time. Some told me that I would know in my heart when it was time to retire.
When it was my turn, I knew it was time for a change because my heart told me. I didn’t know what they meant until I felt it myself. Then I knew that it was time for a change.
Now that was one example of a change. Another example is when you live or work in an environment that is giving you stress or constant unhappiness, no love, no peace, and no kindness and the people around you don’t care about you.
Your inner spirit will tell you it’s time for a change. 2 COR 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away behold all things are become new.” What I am asking you to do today is to take a true review of your life, the things you have and have not done and ask yourself, is that it? Is that all there is to life? When I stand in judgment day did I do what I was given the opportunity to do? These are several questions only you can answer. You will be standing alone at judgment time.
 In a day or two we will start a new year, 2008. What are you going to do? It’s time for a change. Some of us think that we can make a change by ourselves and have attempted only to fail and return to the same old ways. The first thing we must understand is that we can not change by ourselves.
The word says if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. The key is that we must be in Christ. He is the help for us to change or become new. Through him we will receive the strength, heart, peace, and power to resist the old things we were doing.
If you think this is an overnight process I hate to disappoint you. It is a process and processes have steps. The first step is to realize that we need help. Second step is the willingness to get help. Third step is to ask for help (Ask Jesus). Fourth step is to receive help. Last is to follow the instructions of the helper.
Can you remember these words, “I told my child not to do that, but they did it anyway and look what has happened.” We must be obedient and do the work required for the change to be successful.
When you, yes you, not anyone else get tired of the same old thing, you will want a change in your life. Why put it off? Now is the best time for a change while you have a chance.
Someone will not make it to 2008. Listen to the word, your heart, and spirit, and look at what’s going on around you. What are you going to do? It’s time for a change. Be blessed with a wonderful New Year.

Andrews is president of the United Ministerial Alliance (UMA)
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