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Lindsey Stirling announces that she will launch 'Happiness Takes Work,' an organization for teens, l
Virgin Records published a guest blog post written by Lindsey Stirling on Tuesday. - photo by Morgan Jones
In a guest blog for Virgin Records published earlier this week, Lindsey Stirling announced that she will launch an organization "focused on preparing teens for the challenges they will face in young adulthood, and empowering them to live their happiest and healthiest lives" later this year.

Stirling briefly mentioned the organization at the end of the blog, which focused on detailing her struggles with mental health and her subsequent discovery that happiness is found through gratitude.

"Gratitude is the most powerful antidote for depression, pride and jealousy," Stirling wrote. "Gratitude precedes joy and unlocks the pathway to self-love, giving love, creativity and to your own potential."

Stirling shared her recent personal experience in losing her father to cancer.

"My mom, three sisters and I sat around my father's hospital bed during what we knew were his last moments on earth. The cancer had left him looking like a skeleton and he was merely a shell of the great man who raised me. ...Then my sister suggested we share our favorite memories of Dad," Stirling recalled.

"The situation transformed as we told story after story of his humor, and the sacrifices he made so that he could be an incredible father. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life and I was filled with so much love, spirituality and gratitude. Yes, I was losing an amazing father, but I was reminded that I had an amazing father. How lucky was I?"

She suggested that readers write down three things that have gone well each day, big or small, as well as how these things made them feel and what caused those good things.

Read Stirling's post here.
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