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Little kid saved his allowance for seven months and what he did with it is incredible
Winslow Township Police Department/Facebook - photo by Billy Hallowell
Many kids use their allowances to buy candy, toys or video games, but one little boy just saved up his money to do something incredible.

William Evertz, a 5-year-old kid from Winslow Township, New Jersey, decided to create something called "Kindness Day" an effort to do some good deeds using the allowance he saved over the course of seven months.

According to his mother, Tara Evertz, it all started after the little boy saw a video of someone helping the homeless.

William originally wanted to use his money to buy a Power Wheels police car, but seeing that clip apparently got him thinking, according to KYW-TV.

"Next thing you know it was, 'I want to help the kids and I want to help the police,'" Evertz told WCAU-TV.

So, on "Kindness Day," he set out to try to make a difference.

First, he and his family delivered lunch to the Winslow Township Police Department. William, who one day wants to be a cop and has been enamored by police since he was 2 years old, decided to honor local officers because he said "they keep us safe."

In return, the police made William an honorary cop for the day, giving him a temporary badge and keys to the station. Cops even brought him home in a squad car after he visited with them to deliver lunch.

But that was only the beginning of the little boy's good deeds.

After lunch, William had plans to bring school supplies and toys to kids at a local domestic violence shelter, to bring food to an animal shelter and to also give $25 from the allowance he saved to a family in need so that they could pay for daycare, KYW-TV reported.

The little boy had earned his allowance helping his dad wash the car, feeding chickens and ducks and sweeping. In the end, he saved about half of the $250 he needed, but his parents pitched in to help him meet the rest of his goal.

"He's 5, so I think a lot of people should take a page out of his book and just be kind to everybody," the boy's mother told KYW-TV.

And it seems the cops agree, with officer Justin Valentino, 28, telling The Philadelphia Inquirer that "the world definitely needs more people like him."

A message posted to the Winslow Township Police Department Facebook page Wednesday said officers were delighted when William's mother reached out to the department via email Aug. 15, to say that her son wanted to honor them.

"William's actions are remarkable for anyone, let alone a 5-year-old," the statement read. "Winslow Twp PD commends William for his acts of kindness and his parents for raising such a great kid."
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