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New author also leads congregation
In the pulpit
Rev. Dr. Alvin Jackson - photo by Photo provided.
In addition to his myriad talents, this busy pastor has just released his first book.
Known throughout the area as a pastor, teacher (both secular and spiritual), musician, and community worker, the Rev. Dr. Alvin Jackson has written "Evangelism:  The Priority of the Christian Church."
"My main reason for writing a book is to share information with friends and family," Jackson said. "I've been preaching and teaching for 31 years. Sharing the gospel with others is a passion of mine."
The book is to clear up misconceptions and fear.
"I believe people have a lot of fears when it comes to evangelism.  One reason is most people don't understand what evangelism is all about.  Many focus on winning souls.  Evangelism is about sharing and reaching," he said.
"Every born-again believer has something to share about their experience with God.  They don't have to go door to door sharing this information, but they build relationships with others everyday and this is an area in which they can share.
Jackson serves as pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Hinesville.  He has been in ministry for 31 years and has served as the leader at St. Luke for 14.  A school teacher by profession, he hosts many workshops and training sessions (including evangelism) at the church.
The members are active in the community and believe in "taking the gospel beyond the church walls."   It has various ministries such as the nursing home, youth, music, outreach, transportation, hospitality.  
"One of the goals I have as a pastor is to motivate my congregation into being an evangelistic church. My concern is not that I pastor to thousands, but those who are a part of the ministry understand the importance of evangelism and become a vessel fit for the Master's use," Jackson said.
"I want you to understand that although God has given us free will and He does not force us to do things, evangelism is not an option."
Besides leading an active congregation, he has been an instructor at Trinity Temple College of Religion.  He is also president of the Liberty County Martin Luther King Jr. Observance Committee.      
An 8th grade teacher at Midway Middle School in Midway, he shapes many young lives. He becomes animated when it comes to teaching and helping people to learn more.
Jackson and his wife, Evelyn, came to Hinesville when he was assigned to Fort Stewart as a noncommissioned officer.  His wife serves with him in ministry and is pastor of Smith Grove Baptist Church in Gardi.  They have two daughters (Yulanda and LaTonya) and one grandson.
Books can be purchased for $10 from TOP Christian Bookstore in Hinesville and from the Jacksons. Call him at 977-5106.
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