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Not knowing what's ahead
pastor corner

I went to a conference last week in Florida and when traveling home on Interstate 95, I noticed some flashing lights to my left in the oncoming lanes.
As I got closer, the roadway was a mess, with car parts scattered everywhere. The highway patrol had closed the interstate and was detouring traffic down an exit a mile or so up the road. Traffic was backed up for miles, but we eventually drove long enough to where the traffic was not stopped.
My thought was, these particular people are driving, not having a clue what lies ahead. What if they had to sit for hours; did they have enough gas in the car, and had they stopped for a restroom break?
I thought to myself, here lies an illustration that applies to life. People are traveling through it as if there is nothing to worry about ahead.
The Scripture tells us that eternity awaits all of us and if we make preparation, there is nothing to worry about.
The Bible teaches us that we are all born in sin, and sin is what separates us from God. If the sin problem is not dealt with, then we will have to face God’s judgment when we die.
The Scripture also teaches us that the only way to deal with our sin problem is by accepting the forgiveness offered to us by Jesus Christ. Then, we can have assurance and hope of eternal life in that place called heaven.

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