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Our Heavenly Father's love
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By Daisy Edwards
Special to the Coastal Courier (Hinesville, GA)

Growing up in Miami, I never experienced a father’s love. I was the first born of six children and the only one born out of wedlock.
My mother married another man after I was born. Therefore, I was raised by mother and stepfather. He was very abusive to me and my sister, who was his biological daughter. I cried many nights and desired to run away from home, but felt I had a duty to protect my mother for he abused her constantly.
As a child I thought there was no way out, that nobody loved me. I even tried to take my life by cutting my wrist but God did not allow it to happen. I say God because, even though I did not have a relationship with him, I knew he had to be helping me.
I received Christ as my Savior when I was 20 years old and that is when I began to experience the love of my Heavenly Father.  
My life changed drastically for the better. I began to realize I was somebody special in God’s eyes. I had become the righteous of God through his son, Jesus. I was one of His children, Daddy’s girl if you will. He forgave me for everything I had done wrong and let me know through His word that He forgot it all., and that He loved me and would never leave me alone or forsake me.
That is why it is so important for fathers to love their children — to be there for them, to never leave or abandon them.
So many fathers, especially of illegitimate children, refuse to take care f them, abuse them and/or their mother, but God is not pleased with this.
Some fathers, after going through a divorce, will take care of their children monetarily but have no lasting relationship with them.
There are many fathers who are not doing the right thing and yet there are many who are being great fathers and I admonish you to keep on doing what is right.
To those of you who fall short in taking care of your children, you can change and God can help. Besides, without His help we are hopeless.
This being Father’s Day, I say happy Father’s Day to all fathers and may God bless you all.

Edwards is senior pastor at Agape Christian Fellowship Church.
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