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Pastor uses voice to lure congregation
Gail Walter Ross
Gail and Walter Ross - photo by Photo provided.
Walter Ross has a smile and a voice that will arrest your attention.
A noted preacher and teacher of the Word of God, he is also a gifted singer and musician.
“I love to worship God. In worship, you have to remove yourself,” Ross said.
A native of Savannah, he has been a pastor for 37 years and has been in the ministry for 38.
Ross is the pastor and founder of several churches. He serves as the pastor of Trinity Outreach Ministries in Midway; Philadelphia Church of Christ in Brunswick; Church of God in Brunswick and Jones Temple in Jones. He is also the founder of New Jerusalem that is a Mission in Jacksonville
“We are working to start a mission outreach in Savannah,” he said.
A man of vision, Ross would like to have a 24-hour prayer line wherein people call and receive prayer.
“I would also like to have a facility that can hold retreats,” he said.
His vision also includes a Christian school, credit union, recording studio and a radio station.  
He credits great men of God, such as the late Bishops M.D. Underwood and George Deloach, for helping to shape his spiritual walk and ministry.
“They were a great influence in my life. I can never forget them. They taught me how to control my emotions,” he said. “These men taught me to have compassion for people because I was once where they were. They let me know they had instructed and prevailed with me, now I must show love and compassion.”
Ross wants ministers to know the more they follow those in charge the more they will glean from those leaders’ experience and not make the same mistakes.
“Just listening means a lot,” he said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
A veteran in the ministry, Ross has a plethora of wisdom nuggets to share with pastors and ministers.
“Learn to suffer. Results will come, but it is in God’s time. You must also be flexible. Don’t be so rigid. As a pastor, don’t surround yourself with everyone. Only those God tells you to put in your circle,” he said.
“Being a pastor, you cannot afford to be subjected to things that don’t relate to God. The same things you exemplify in church, you must also exemplify wherever you are.”
Ross also advises ministers to “keep the gospel simple. Hold to what is solid, and preach what you can handle. Don’t try to impress anyone.”
Ross conducts “tent revivals.” He conducted one in Savannah a couple of weeks ago.
“I love the street meetings. You have to go to where the people are,” he said. Members of Ross’ church also visit the nursing home.   
Despite being a very busy pastor, in his spare time Ross enjoys “old” things.
“I like visiting the museum,” he said.
In addition to his pastoral and overseer duties, he is employed with Great Dane in Savannah.
Ross and his wife, Gail, reside in Hinesville. They have been married 37 years, and have six children and 14 grandchildren.
Gail Ross is very active in the ministry. She also works as a patient financial counselor at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah.
Members of Trinity Outreach Ministries in Midway invite you to join them in celebrating their pastor and first lady’s appreciation services, starting Oct. 15-21. Trinity Outreach Ministries is on Bacontown Road in Midway.-
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