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Pastor, wife showcase 50 years of love
In the pulpit
1211 In the pulpit
The Rev. C.L. Anderson and his wife, Helen, were married on Nov. 19, 1961. - photo by Photo provided.

After 50 years of marriage, the Rev. C.L. Anderson and his wife, Helen, are still as in love as the day they married, Nov. 19, 1961.
To show their family and friends just how committed they are, the couple recently renewed their vows. The full-scale ceremony included a best man, maid and matron of honor, 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen. The ceremony was at Greater Zachariah Missionary Baptist Church in Glennville, where Anderson has served as pastor for almost 40 years.
The 50th wedding anniversary was officiated by the Rev. L. C. Teasley of Gainesville, Ga. A longtime friend of the Andersons, Teasley has conducted revivals at Greater Zachariah and serves as one of the coordinators of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia Annual Ministers’ Conference. With his propensity for humor, Teasley kept the wedding attendees laughing as he officiated the ceremony.
The Andersons are known for being a couple who always are together and coordinate their dress attire. Normally, when you see one, you see the other.
“In order to have a good marriage, you must make time for one another and must have good communication with your husband,” Helen Anderson said. “Everything won’t be rosy all the time, but the Lord has worked things out for us. I thank God that He kept us together.”
Being married to a man who has spent 40 years in the ministry and who will have served as a pastor for 40 years in August, she has plenty of advice and wisdom nuggets for pastors’ and ministers’ wives.
“Pray for your husband. Keep the prayer line open. You must support your husband. Go with him; you must be there for him,” she said. “Always have a listening ear for him. I know when he is going through things. You must also show love and compassionate for the church members.
“My husband has always loved the Lord. We started out small, but God has blessed us. My husband used to bag groceries at the commissary at Fort Stewart. I call him my buddy, my sweetheart and my friend.”
Pastor Anderson said the secret to a good and long marriage is compromise.
“Marriage is a give-and-take thing. One can’t do all the giving while the other does all the taking; and one can’t do all the taking while the other does all the giving. Marriage also has to be based on faith in God and prayer. You can’t take things for granted, and you have to keep the lines of communication open,” he said.
Fifty years ago, when they first were married, the Andersons were unable to take a honeymoon. But 50 years later, they plan to take a relaxing cruise as they continue to enjoy the moment.

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